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Kid Stuff

teens at ping pong

Migis is a great place to be a kid, or to bring a kid.  Of any age!...

Teens enjoy water sports, board games, billiards and ping pong, and woodland walks on our three marked trails.  Our program directors will host organized teen activities too, like ping pong tournaments, karaoke, in-the-lake relays and games, island capture the flag, sports, pool tournaments and more!

Kids 5 and over can enjoy our afternoon Kid’s Camp, with the fun changing daily and including games, crafts, sports, picnics, swimming, talent shows, field trips, storytelling and treasure hunts.

At night, parents can choose to eat dinner at their leisure while the kids enjoy our “Zoo” program, with a special children’s menu in the Family Dining Room followed by supervised playtime. Both of these programs are at no additional charge.

Our two playgrounds, boats, walking trails, beaches, shuffleboard courts and Boulders recreation room are, of course, available all the time for your pleasure.

Look for loons diving on the lake.  And most of the time, Deets, our African Gray parrot, is entertaining at the front desk!