The Migis Legend

ges ago, before the first white man appeared on these shores, there lived on the far prairie four sons of a Native American Chief. Growing weary of their abode there, they decided to search for a new home. However, since the four young men differed in tastes and could come to no agreement as to the nature of their goal, they parted ways and each sought his own destiny.

The first young Indian found happiness by the shores of a beautiful lake, whose smooth surface reflected the glory of the heavens through the long day. In its cool depths, the shadows of clouds were mirrored and the setting sun blazed a crimson path across its glowing surface.

The second young Indian yearned for the majesty of mountain ranges, so he chose to live against the flank of a soaring mountain. Its proud and stately outline against the sky soothed him and filled him with a sense of peace and rest.

LakeThe third young Indian selected a deep forest where, in summer, the lofty pines warded off the hot sun and, in winter, held the snow in their arms like white jewels. He was inspired by the upward reaching arms of the giant branches, pointing him towards the Great Spirit.

But the fourth young Indian watched his brothers go their way with a wise smile. Then he went up into the Northland, where he found the perfect home and pleasure ground. There was a crystalline, great lake that reflected the stars at night and was filled with all kinds of fish, supplying him with food and sport. Each spring he pushed out into the water in his canoe and caught the hungry bass and salmon. Bordering the lake on all sides were cool forests of pine that came right down to the water’s edge. And to complete this enchantment, a range of towering mountains on the western horizon thrust their great purple peaks heavenward, catching the glorious colors of the setting sun.

Here, in this new wonderland of beauty, the young Indian found peace, happiness and pleasure. He named the area “Migis”, which in his language meant “place to steal away to rest”.

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